THE WETLAND TECHNOLOGY was first developed in Denmark. It was then successfully implemented for wastewater treatment in Thailand and now Vietnam. Resembling an irrigated field, this technology proves to be an environment-friendly method as it treats wastewater without the use of chemicals.

Wastewater will be treated using microorganisms that live symbiotically on aquatic plants. The roots of these plants can absorb contaminants such as organic compounds, ammonium, heavy metal (As, Fe, etc), then the microorganisms in turn break them down into less toxic substances.

Moreover, treated wastewater will undergo quality control via the wastewater automatic monitoring system to ensure it meet the required standards.

The biggest advantage of this technology is that it does not use any chemicals during the treatment, thus being more environment-friendly, preventing factories from causing negative impacts on the surrounding residential areas. This method is also beneficial in term of chemical efficiency, power consumption, and overall, in line with the development trend of the world.

ASIATECH - the designer and general contractor of the Wastewater treatment plant at the WHA Industrial Zone 1 - is the leading company in environmental science and technology in Vietnam with partnerships and technology transfer deals with renowned domestic and international organizations. We have provided consulting services, design, construction, installation and transferred technologies for hundreds of environmental treatment projects with a capacity of up to 50,000 m3/day&night in Vietnam.

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