The coffee processing industry accounts for a large proportion of the country’s economy. However, it also produces a great volume of wastewater with high concentration of COD, dye, and suspended solids. Those are highly-polluting components that, without an effective treatment method and strict management, will have a direct impact on the surrounding ecosystems and especially the health of the community.

 Over 20 years of development, ASIATECH has successfully researched our own technology to treat wastewater of the coffee industry including wastewater from fresh coffee production and instant coffee production. We are also the only company that can treat wastewater across the entire process from raw material processing to finished products, ensuring that treated wastewater meets the required standards at a competitive cost.  

 ASIATECH has successfully implemented many wastewater treatment systems for major customers like Olam Outspan - Long An province (Singapore), Olam Coffee factory - Lam Dong province (Singapore), Olam Outspan (Malaysia), Vinacafe, Tin Nghia Coffee, Top Choice coffee, Intimex coffee, etc.


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 - OUTSPAN - MALAYSIA Coffee Factory
                    Location:  D28F-1, Johor.
                    Capacity:  1.260 M³/Day

 - OUTSPAN – VIETNAM Coffee Factory
                    Location:  Long An province.
                    Capacity :  2.250 M³/Day

                    Location:  Dong Nai province
                    Capacity:  700 M³/Day

 - CROWN Coffee Industries Factory
                    Location:  Tay Bac - Cu Chi Industrial Zone
                    Capacity:  500 M³/Day

 - ...

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