One important characteristic of the wastewater from this industry is that the volume and concentration of pollutants depend on:

  • Input material, food additive.
  • Used water source
  • Stages in the raw material processing process, equipment and factory cleaning.

The wastewater of this industry contains mostly organic pollutants that can be degraded biologically and has a high concentration of nitrate, phosphorus and grease depending on the processing line for each product.


ASIATECH has successfully developed and transferred treatment technology for many key customers in the aquaculture - food industry like the Minh Phu shrimp processing plant, Hoang Long seafood factory, Sao Mai seafood factory, Choco pie Orion Confectionery factory, etc.


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 - HOANG LONG Seafood Factory
                    Location: Dong Thap province
                    Capacity: 1.500 M³/Day

 - SAO MAI Seafood Factory
                    Location: Vam Cong Industrial Cluster, Dong Thap province
                    Capacity: 1.500 M³/Day

 - ROYAL FOOD Factory
                    Location: Tien Giang province
                    Capacity: 800 M³/Day

 - ...

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