Suretech W

ASIATECH has developed an all-in-one package for domestic wastewater treatment, namely the SURETECH W - the Solution of the United Reactors. It offers many advantages in terms of technological efficiency, usable area, usability, and capacity for expansion in the future.

Filtration technologies:
 - Sand and carbon filtration technologies to remove organic pollutants, aluminum, iron, manganese, color, and smell, etc .
 - Membrane Bioreactors Filtration (MBR) technology to treat organic pollutants, etc.
 - Nano filtration, MF, UF for demineralization and pathogen removal, etc.
 - Reserve Osmosis filtration (RO) for desalination, etc.

Other technologies:
 - Forced air supply system to remove CO2, NH3, manganese and iron, etc.
 - Iron removal system using electrodes for desalination, etc.
 - Treatment system using temperature for the removal of water hardness, etc.
 - UV utilization for disinfection, etc.

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