The wastewater of textile dyeing industry is notorious for high concentration of dyes and organic pollutants with many cyclic compounds that are hard to degrade biologically, as well as high temperature and dyeing auxiliaries inhibiting the growth of microorganisms.

Among those characteristics, color removal is the most difficult target for treatment. This is also a major concern for many investors because they want a solution that not only solves the color problem but also at a competitive cost.

In recent years, ASIATECH has made some significant breakthrough in applying specialized catalyst (a product of our laboratory combined with technology transferred from EU) in color removal treatment for wastewater from Industrial zones and factories, ensuring that the dye level of treated wastewater meets the required standards as well as optimizing chemical cost during operation. This new technology has achieved great successes in treating highly colored wastewater of many projects from the textile dyeing industry.

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 - MINH HUNG Textile Dyeing Industrial Zone (Korea)
                    Location : Chon Thanh District – Binh Phuoc Province
                    Capacity : 30.000 M³/Day

 - XUYEN A Textile Dyeing Industrial Zone - Long An province
                     Location : XUYEN A Industrial Zone - Long An province
                     Capacity :  6.000 M³/Day

 - TRAN HIEP THANH Textile Dyeing Factory
                     Location :  TRANG BANG Industrial Zone - TAY NINH province
                     Capacity :  4.000 M³/Day

 - ...

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